Friday, June 14, 2024

BlueStar Digital Technologies Inc., is fully licensed American owned and operated direct to manufacture solution that provides DVD, CD, and Blu-ray digital disc replication and package assembly services for the computer hardware, software, movie and music industries. From post production to distribution BlueStar has the ability to help. Starting with the pioneering of the DVD industry in the US in the late 90’s, to the present offering the mass production of Blu-ray discs, and flash drives. Our company provides the best service, prices, quality and turnaround times available in the industry. We believe in giving our clients the best that technology has to offer, by doing so, we in turn continue to grow.

We offer you a full range of digital disc/cd replication, assembly, and turnkey services designed to help make your business more successful. To better help serve our customers we have added in house authoring, not only an added service, but as technical support for both us internally as well as for our customers. Fulfillment, distribution and large format digital print are just a few more services we have added over the last two years, to help enable us to manage all aspects of our clients projects. Your content is important to you, trust it with BlueStar, “Where media recreates content.”

List of services Services:

Post production:

BlueStar can help with all aspects of video production and post production, editorial, design, motion graphics, audio, Blu-ray authoring and studio services.


Whether CD, DVD or Blu-ray format. BlueStar has the in house ability to help with all of these formats. The authoring process creates a product that is compatible with commercially available consumer entertainment devices providing your end user an easy to play experience while viewing your content, allowing for extras to enrich their viewing experience.

Glass mastering:

A glass master, also referred to as a ‘stamper’ is used to punch all of the data pits into a CD, DVD, or BD during the process of replication
• DVD5 is capable of holding 4.7 gigabytes of information
• DVD9: DVD 9 is a single-sided, dual layered that is 7.95 GB Custom packaging:

BlueStar has the in house equipment and professionals to help with the simplest of automated packaging requests to the most complex custom packaging and hand assembly projects in the market.

Large format printing:

We constantly invest in the latest printing technology our industry offers. This not only give us unsurpassed quality control, but allows us to actively pursue green products and solutions that exceed industry standards, as well as yours.

Fulfillment, Warehousing:

Utilizing state of the art electronic monitoring and digital inventory control we are able to store and fulfill almost any type of product with confidence. Physical and digital distribution solutions available.

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