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Embarking on a new journey in the world of AFK Arena can be both exhilarating and daunting. This game, known for its rich lore and diverse character roster, offers a unique experience for new and veteran players alike. The key to success lies in understanding which heroes to utilize at various campaign stages. This comprehensive guide, tailored New Journey for AFK players, will navigate you through the game’s campaign, highlighting the best heroes for each stage.

Early Game: Laying a Strong Foundation

In the initial stages of AFK Arena, the focus should be on building a solid foundation. Heroes like Lucius and Saveas are excellent choices for beginners. Lucius, with his healing and shielding abilities, provides much-needed durability, while Saveas offers substantial damage output that is crucial in the early game.

Mid-Game: Diversifying Your Team

The difficulty ramps up as you progress to the mid-game, necessitating a more strategic approach to hero selection. Heroes like Tasi and Lyca from the Wilder faction become invaluable. Tasi’s ability to teleport and put enemies to sleep disrupts enemy formations, while Lyca’s speed and energy boost are essential for maintaining momentum.

Faction Towers: Specializing Your Squads

Faction Towers require a more specialized approach, as they restrict hero selection to specific factions. This is where heroes like Ferael (Graveborn), Eironn (Wilder), and Belinda (Lightbearer) shine. These heroes bring unique strengths to their respective factions, making them indispensable for Faction Towers.

Late Game: The Elite Champions

In the late stages of the game, elite heroes become a necessity. Athalia and Mehira stand out for their exceptional abilities. Athalia’s targeted strikes disrupt enemy backlines, while Mehira’s mesmerizing skills can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

PvP Arenas: Dominating the Competition

PvP combat requires a different set of strategies. Heroes like Nara and Fawkes are crucial for their ability to target and neutralize key enemy heroes. Nara’s grappling hook and Fawkes’ coffin ability can effectively take an enemy out of the fight, giving you a significant advantage.

The Peaks of Time and Voyage of Wonders: Tackling Unique Challenges

These special events demand heroes with unique abilities. Rowan, with his energy-replenishing abilities, and Daimon, known for his survivability and damage output, are excellent choices for these challenges. Their versatility makes them valuable in various scenarios.

Event-Specific Heroes: Adapting to Limited-Time Challenges

AFK Arena frequently introduces limited-time events with specific challenges. Heroes like Ezizh and Talene, who can manipulate energy and provide extraordinary sustenance, respectively, are often crucial in these events. Keeping an eye on the event requirements and tailoring your hero selection accordingly is key.


Success in AFK Arena’s campaign is about more than just choosing the most powerful heroes; it’s about building a balanced roster that can adapt to various challenges. Understanding the strengths and synergies of different heroes and how they fit into each stage of the game will ensure that your journey through Esperia is both successful and enjoyable. Whether you’re strategizing for PvP battles, climbing the Faction Towers, or exploring the Peaks of Time, the right heroes will make all the difference.

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