Thursday, June 13, 2024

Are you just starting out on Reddit and want to know how to get more upvotes? Getting noticed on Reddit can be quite difficult, so here are 5 quick tips for beginners trying to increase their upvote count.

Understand the Best Time to Make Reddit Posts

If you post content at random times throughout the day, you won’t have much success getting upvotes. To maximise your chances of getting noticed and increasing your upvote count, it’s best to understand when the most active time is for each subreddit you post to. Different subreddits have different levels of activity throughout the day, so understanding when these peaks occur will help you ensure that your posts get maximum exposure.

1. Don’t post too often or you’ll get banned

Reddit limits the number of posts a user can make per hour or per day, depending on which subreddit they are posting to. If these rules aren’t followed, users could potentially be banned from the platform. So it’s important to make sure that you don’t abuse this rule by posting too much in a short period of time. It’s better to take it slow at first and gradually increase your posting frequency as you gain experience on Reddit.

2. Use quality content

The quality of your content will determine how successful it is with other users. This means that if you post low-quality content on Reddit, it won’t do very well in terms of upvotes and engagement from other users. So it’s important for newbies to try and create quality content that resonates with other Redditors. In addition, engaging titles can also help draw attention to your posts, which can increase your chances of getting more upvotes over time.

3. Only join relevant subreddits

When creating an account on Reddit, there is often a temptation to join as many subreddits as possible in order to gain access to more people who might be interested in what you post. However, this isn’t necessarily beneficial, as joining irrelevant subreddits won’t result in any meaningful engagement from those communities, as their members won’t be interested in topics outside of their scope. Therefore, it would be wise for beginners to avoid joining too many subreddits at first, and instead focus on finding relevant ones where people might actually appreciate your efforts.

4. Participate in discussions and comment on other people’s posts 

While making quality posts is one way to gain visibility, it can also be beneficial to actively participate in discussions related to certain topics. In addition, commenting, liking or responding constructively to other people’s posts shows other users that you are not someone who is looking out for yourself, but rather someone who genuinely cares about making a positive contribution to the conversations going on around them. This kind gesture can go a long way towards gaining more recognition from other users, which can ultimately lead to them voting positively on any contribution you make, even if it is something as small as leaving a comment.

5. Use links wisely and strategically 

Another effective way to get votes from other redditors is to use links strategically. This means linking back to relevant sources when responding, or adding value through an external source, without flooding every single post with unnecessary external links. Doing so shows that a real effort has been made to bring together different resources, rather than simply relying on original ideas alone. Of course, use should still remain moderate, as excessive link drops will reduce the chances of gaining any meaningful traction with viewers, while putting them off altogether as they don’t enjoy seeing numerous advertisements thrown at them wherever they navigate the site.

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